Burchett: Release transcripts from Schiff’s secret impeachment hearings

October 4, 2019
Press Release

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – Throughout this week, the House Intelligence Committee questioned members of the Trump Administration in regards to a recent whistleblower complaint. Due to this investigation’s implications for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and the questionable connection between Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and the whistleblower, Congressman Tim Burchett released the following statement:  

“Today, I am calling on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Democrats to release the full, unredacted transcripts of the Intelligence Committee’s questioning of Special Envoy Volker and Inspector General Atkinson. Chairman Schiff has displayed incredible partisanship since this investigation began, from giving parody statements during a gravely serious committee hearing to limiting Republican involvement in the so-called ‘impeachment inquiry.’ I urge Chairman Schiff to put aside his partisan stunts and take this situation seriously. The citizens of the United States and every member of the House of Representatives deserve to know the full context of what key witnesses are saying – not just the narrative House Democrats and Chairman Schiff are trying to create. Americans deserve transparency.”