Rep. Burchett releases statement on spending bill

February 14, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON (2/14/2019) – Congressman Tim Burchett (R-TN) voted against H.J. Res. 31 tonight. Congressional appropriators filed the bill at 12:05 this morning, allowing only hours to review the massive 1,169-page spending bill. House rules require that members of Congress have at least 72 hours to review a bill before it is put up for a vote, but the rule was waived for this vote.

Following the vote, Rep. Burchett released this statement:

“What is the point of a 72-hour rule if we’re just going to ignore it whenever it’s convenient or every time a massive bill hits the floor? I and my staff, along with other Congressional offices, had only hours to review nearly 1,200 pages of legalese that was put together by a small group of legislators and dumped on the rest of Congress. This is no way to treat legislation that directs $330 billion in taxpayer dollars and represents billions in new expenses. We should be reducing spending, not increasing it.

“This appropriations bill includes slush-fund spending, like $60,000 for parties at the Department of Transportation, and $65 million to study and preserve Pacific Salmon. These are just two examples we were able to find in the time we had to review the bill. I doubt anyone in Congress really knows everything that is in this legislation. Worse, this bill doesn’t secure our borders, and that’s the entire reason the previous Congress left us in this mess.

“This is not how we ran things in Knox County, it’s not how they operate in the state legislature, and there’s no excuse for Congress to do business this way, either. I simply cannot support a bill that spends this much money without having the chance to figure out what is in it, and I’m definitely not going to support it if fails to secure our borders but funds parties and other pork.”