Rep. Burchett encourages President to approve Governor's request for disaster relief

March 25, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON (March 25, 2019) - Today, Congressman Tim Burchett sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking him to approve Governor Bill Lee's request for a major disaster declaration following the significant flooding and storm damage that took place across Tennessee in February. 

This letter is in addition to the joint letter of support sent to the President by Tennessee's congressional delegation.

His letter reads as follows:

Dear Mr. President, 

I am writing to encourage you to approve Governor Bill Lee’s request for a major disaster declaration to make federal recovery assistance available to city and county jurisdictions in Tennessee. In February, significant flooding and severe weather affected most of the state. These storms affected every community within my district. 

There are many families who are just now getting the water out of their homes, and some still do not have heat or air systems due to expensive repair costs. Most Tennesseans are not covered and cannot qualify for flood insurance. These storms have left families that live paycheck to paycheck struggling to stay in their homes or find solutions to the damages caused by these storms. 

Along with these individuals and affected families, like the rest of the state, there are many businesses and municipalities that do not have excess funds to deal with the major damages to buildings and infrastructure. Across my district, large sinkholes opened in roadways, streets washed away, utilities were damaged, and offices and store fronts were inundated with storm water. Due to the flooding and severe storms, qualifying losses for county, municipal, state agency and utility infrastructure impacts and emergency expenditures totaled $68.3 million. 

I respectfully request that you declare a major disaster for the 58 counties in the state of Tennessee affected during February’s storms. Damage from this incident continues to affect our community, but it’s my hope that you quickly approve federal recovery assistance to help my district and all those suffering across the state of Tennessee. 

 Most Respectfully, 

Tim Burchett 
Member of Congress